Things I Can Never Erase

April 18th, 2014

So my mom is into adult webcams. From sitting on her knee and watching Cheers reruns to accidentally walking in on her getting the full live visual of Lamont via the internet, it’s been one heck of a ride. I never would of imagined, but it seems pretty stupid to not have at this point. My parents have been married 30 years, which is more than I’ve been alive. I can’t stand to be with someone in a romantic relationship beyond 1 year, so the idea that my parents made it 30 without some “help” along the way was foolish at best. At first I was really judgemental about it, and kind of ashamed too. I’ve been thinking about it more, and all i can say is “Good for her.” Who is she really hurting? I get we’re a society founded by puritans, but maybe it’s time to loosen up on some of this sexual repression.

Crazy Dad

March 28th, 2014

Me and my father have never really had a close relationship because he likes to drink. Many times over the years he has done some crazy things and nothing he seems to do is really never a big surprise. He recently told me he was going out and he did not come home for 3 days! I did not know if I should call and tell my mother or call the police and report him missing.

He came home and looked all worn down, his hair was a mess and looked like he hadn’t showered in days. I questioned him just like I always have and I really wished that I didn’t. He went on to tell me that he went out to the sports bar and found a woman that he had no strings attached fuck buddy with all weekend. He said that he does this often to fulfill his manly needs.

A Change in Plans

March 6th, 2014

Working full time and taking care of three kids is a very difficult thing to handle at times. As soon as I get home from work, I get my kids off the bus and help them do their homework and get settled. After that, it is dinner and cleaning for the rest of the night. As for weekends, I am always running them around where they want to go and have no time just to sit and relax. Instead of running around this weekend and stressing out, I am sending all three boys to their grandmothers for Friday and Saturday night. My sister and I have both made reservations with Birmingham escort agency and are going to get a little crazy for a night. It will be a big change for me as I have not gone out since my oldest was five, which he is now going on eight.

Opening Night

January 21st, 2014

My favourite restaurant in Newcastle has just been refurbished and is opening up again on Friday night. It is an Italian restaurant that serves the best carbonara in town.

The owners have spent in excess of £300,000 making it the best modern, up-to-date restaurant for miles. The standard of work that has been done to it is amazing. The entrance to it is similar to that of a grand hotel with a canopy and walkway at the front and sides. The ambience in the restaurant was always very pleasant but I’ve noticed from outside that the seating and light has all been arranged in a way that will make it even better.

I have booked a table for myself and one of my favourite Newcastle escort for 8pm. We will probably go to one of the cities nightclubs afterwards and dance until the early hours of Saturday morning. Roll on the weekend!

Calling Off

December 15th, 2013

I am having a monster of a party on the Forth of July but I am very worried because I have to work the next day. The biggest problem that I have is that I will be drinking all day celebrating the holiday and I have a hard time getting out of bed with a hangover.

I spent $700 dollars for my fireworks display this year between myself and my friends pitching in some money. We also went in half for the food and drinks so we will not be going home hungry. This year I put a little twist into the party that my friends are not even aware of. I invited five of the Sheffield escorts companions to hang out with us for the entire night.

Last time I hung out with these girls I had a riot and ended up calling off work the next day. I see myself calling off work this year after my party!

The Hottie Next Door

December 7th, 2013

Why is gay dating such a difficult activity? Why must we as women get all dressed up in our finest clothes? Why must we take an hour to fix our hair and another hour to fix our faces? Why can’t we just go as we are? I want to go out with that hottie who moved in next door. But why can’t he just accept me just as I am? I am beautiful without all the ornaments, baubles, and bangles. I can be a natural beauty without having to try. Because, that gorgeous specimen sure doesn’t have to try very hard to be beautiful. I have seen that body work out on his weight machines in the middle of his living room. Wow, he makes my heart flutter! Now, let’s see if I can make his do the same. Time to get to work!

A Proud Moment

November 26th, 2013

I put myself to the test last night and for once, I actually passed something with flying colors. I am a very anti-social person so going out on dates or meeting new friends is a hard task for me. So instead of sitting back and letting my anti-social life take over, I called Singapore escorts and actually hired someone to help me with my problem. If I could go on a date with a complete stranger and be comfortable by the end of the evening, I could do just about anything. To my surprise, comfort set in just after the first hour. I feel like I might be able to put myself out there more often with my friends and possibly the blind dates they’ve been trying to bring me on. I did not think last night would go as well as it did, but it went great and for once, I’m very proud of myself.